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The forums are back up and running, but with a few caveats (and you kind of need to know them before you get to postin’):

  • we are on a new (old) server. Update your bookmarks, and all that. The new address, and where all new work will continue, is at http://www.ozhoops.com.au/
  • This means you’ll need to log in again. Your old cookies that were stored by the old server will no longer work. The automated password reset system should be up and running (I hope); if you no longer have access to your registered e-mail address and you want to get your old username back, you’ll need to e-mail me and convince me that you’re really you.
  • Don’t get too attached to the look and feel. For the moment, this is a stock install of vBulletin; new templates, colours and stuff are on the way. This shouldn’t affect the functionality of the site (although I’m working on stuff there too).