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A few bits and pieces I’ve been reading this week.

WTF? Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression (Huffington Post) – A lengthy article, and with some odd formatting (just keep scrolling “down” on your device and it will work out- or there’s a more conventional version here), but a worthwhile read- Michael Hobbes writes about the societal and political changes that have combined to seemingly make financial stability a pipe dream for new high school and college graduates. No, the popularity of avocado toast is not one of them.

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Stuff I found interesting. Food for thought.

Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter (New York Times, possibly paywalled) – What happens when a journalist puts together a bot to out Nazis on Twitter? Well… if you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you probably guessed that Twitter banned the bot, but left the Nazis alone. Should the users be stepping up to police the service?

With 2017 being dominated by (mostly) men behaving badly, Stuart Jeffries asks in The Guardian, Have We Reached ‘Peak Asshole’? and talks to author Robert Sutton, who has published a series of books starting with The No Asshole Rule, and just this year, The Asshole Survival Guide.