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Our first episode for the 2017/18 season! Derek does a quick update on his plans for the site and the podcast, and prays that Garageband doesn’t do something freakish with the volume levels. (If you don’t want to listen to the show but just want an update on the forums, read on.)

Here’s the relevant bit from the transcript regarding where I’m up to with the forums:

The short version for the forums is that there’s a chain of things I need to do in order so that I can get a nice, shiny new version of our software implemented and up and running. And at the moment I feel like every time I take one step forward, it uncovers one more problem that needs to be addressed. Or at least, a problem that can be brute-forced if I’m willing to spend the money or otherwise compromise in a few areas.

But yeah, it’s been a few weeks since I announced the forums are being restored, and everything I touch seems to uncover some other issue. The password for my software licence seems to be wrong. The password reset request goes to an e-mail address that isn’t answering. I can’t access that e-mail, but I own the domain, but logging in to try and fix the problem with the site host brings up internal server errors. And so on, and so forth. So at the moment I’m full-on Matt Damon in The Martian– solving one problem at a time and hoping that everything falls into line.

I do have two possible solutions if I completely run out of patience. One is that the company that makes our forum software has their own cloud hosting solution, which I can move to and have up and running in about 48 hours, give or take, subject to pointing the domain name in the right direction. The downside with this approach is that I can’t do any custom modifications if something interesting comes up in future, but it does mean that we would automatically be on the latest version at all times- because that’s what I’d be paying for.

The other solution is that I just restore the software as it stands now, with no changes (other than the logo at the top, in case you hadn’t noticed the shiny new logo by looking at the podcast artwork or Facebook page), and continue to do the behind-the-scenes stuff manually rather than getting a new version of the software to do it. This has its issues, because part of the reason I’m looking at upgrading is the integration with PayPal is no longer supported; PayPal is discontinuing support for older versions of vBulletin, so if I don’t want to be manually updating subscriptions, I need to get up to date.

That’s the main reason for the upgrade, by the way- I want to get back into writing and talking more about basketball, and less about ticking boxes and doing manual spam protection. The new software will fix all that stuff, although it will mean that there is a change in layout and in the way certain things work. I don’t really want to develop a whole ‘new’ style sheet- with ‘new’ in air quotes- to put an old look on new software. This is another drawback with the cloud hosting option; they have limited customisation options other than look and feel.

New episodes of Ozhoops Radio will be available Wednesday mornings starting next week, but this episode is a bit of a preview- and a bit of a dress rehearsal for myself, if you like.

Subscription link for upcoming episodes: http://www.dek-net.com/feed/podcast/ozhoopsradio