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  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Oct 11 2017

    Ozhoops Radio 18-04: Now. Go. Play.

    Not only do we have actual games to talk about, but Derek’s predictions weren’t completely catastrophically awful! I cover week 1 in both the NBL and WNBL, plus talk about the Melbourne/Oklahoma City game and whether you should consider Foxtel Now. NBL previews, WNBL updates, and more all feature in this week’s Ozhoops Radio. New […]

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Oct 04 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-03: NBL x Previews (amended)

    It’s almost here! The most wonderful time of the year… at least for the first week, until all Derek’s predictions fall in a heap and he spends week 2 huddled under his desk in the foetal position. NBL previews, WNBL updates, and more all feature in this week’s Ozhoops Radio. New episodes will be available […]

  • Oct 01 2017

    What I Listened To Yesterday

    To celebrate #InternationalPodcastDay- perhaps ‘celebrate’ is the wrong word, I didn’t know it existed until it was almost over- I figured I’d share a list of some of the shows I listen to each week.

  • Ozhoops Logo
    Sep 30 2017

    The return of Ozhoops 2: The Return-ening

    The forums are back up and running, but with a few caveats (and you kind of need to know them before you get to postin’):

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Sep 27 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-02: Web Design And Some WNBL Chat

    Derek talks about the upcoming WNBL season and puts his punditry credentials to the test. Plus! Complaints about other people’s web sites, even while he struggles to beat the Boards into submission with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer, that is… at least for now. New episodes of Ozhoops Radio will be available Wednesday mornings. Subscription […]

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Sep 21 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-01: Don’t Call It A Comeback

    Our first episode for the 2017/18 season! Derek does a quick update on his plans for the site and the podcast, and prays that Garageband doesn’t do something freakish with the volume levels. (If you don’t want to listen to the show but just want an update on the forums, read on.)

  • Marriage Equality
    Sep 18 2017


    In which I attempt to get invited to a lot more weddings.

  • Promotional poster for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
    Aug 14 2017

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    I saw Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets last night. I was aware going in that the film wasn’t doing terribly well at the box office, and yet it had a lot of studio resources behind it- apparently Valerian is the most expensive film in French cinema history, clocking in at an estimated […]

  • Basketball court at sunset
    Aug 10 2017

    The return of Ozhoops

    Fun fact: the 1st of August was Kiki Vandeweghe’s birthday! Possibly of more importance (given this post’s purpose), it was also Ozhoops’ birthday- the site started operations on 1 August 2001. That makes it 16 years old, and frankly, it needs to start acting its age and dressing better…

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