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    Nov 21 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-10: Something Something Smashmouth Reference

    The show that isn’t afraid to pose the big questions. Such as, who has two thumbs and went 11/11 in last week’s tipping? This week we review week 7 in the NBL and WNBL, I pick my mid-season WNBL All-Star teams, and we look ahead to the World Cup qualifiers this weekend across Asia.

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Nov 15 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-09: Making Statements

    This week! Everyone continues to make changes just after my show gets published; the Melbourne Boomers and Townsville Fire make statements; New Zealand extends its winning streak to 8; and I still suck at fantasy sports. It’s been such a big week it took me a day longer to sort myself out, but I’m here […]

  • Nov 15 2017

    …But Some Are More Equal Than Others

    It’s a Yes! Australia has spoken, and the majority has voiced its support for marriage equality. Now all we have to do is get Parliament to agree on it. But competing bills could, at best, delays the marriage-equality argument a few days, but potentially add significant capacity for increased, legal discrimination against LGBTIA people.

  • Nov 10 2017

    Super Mario Odyssey: Impressions

    Seeing as Super Mario Odyssey has been distracting me from my writing over the last week, it seems only fair I reach a compromise- write about Super Mario Odyssey. (Some mild spoilers follow, but I will flag those before you get there.)

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Nov 07 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-08: Pride Before A Fall

    This week we have week 5 from both the NBL and WNBL, my tips take a bit of a hit after my stellar round last week, more injury news affecting both competitions, and- guaranteed- 99% less video game chat than last week.

  • NBA 2K18 in-game screen
    Nov 03 2017

    NBA 2K18 thoughts (Nintendo Switch)

    These are my thoughts as per Ozhoops Radio this week; as I get more game time I’ll expand on them here. I bought the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 rather than going for a version on one of the ‘bigger’ consoles. I think it’s interesting given it’s the first NBA 2K game I’ve bought […]

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Nov 02 2017

    Ozhoops Radio 18-07: Taking My Talents To South Yarra

    Derek spent a whole week geeking it up at a video game convention, so this week we’re going to talk a bit about video games in addition to the usual NBL/WNBL game previews and tips. Did he mention he went 7/7 in WNBL tipping last week? Because he’s going to. Repeatedly. New episodes will be […]

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Oct 25 2017

    Ozhoops Radio #18-06: Travelling Violation

    This week, we went to the fights and some basketball broke out, the Dandenong Rangers find their groove and upset the WNBL ladder, and my prediction game is whatever the opposite of “on point” is. New episodes will be available Wednesday mornings. Subscription link for upcoming episodes: Or search for “Ozhoops” in iTunes or […]

  • Ozhoops Radio cover
    Oct 18 2017

    Ozhoops Radio 18-05: Hax0r3d

    Week 2 of the NBL and WNBL are in the books; week 3 is on the way. Derek talks about both, and starts the season-long process of embarrassing himself at NBL Fantasy. New episodes will be available Wednesday mornings. Subscription link for upcoming episodes: Or search for “Ozhoops” in iTunes or Apple Podcasts.

  • Ozhoops Logo
    Oct 15 2017

    Now, Go, Play- my thoughts on the new Foxtel Now

    An excerpt from my working script for this week’s Ozhoops Radio, as I gave my thoughts on Foxtel Now (Foxtel’s no-contract internet streaming service) and how it compares to its predecessor.

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